Here in Brisbane, the benefits of a nice veranda are numerous. They’re great spaces to relax or entertain, enjoying Queensland’s wonderful weather while only a few steps from the comfort of your home! A well-designed veranda turns your house into a haven, and provides shade to your windows throughout the hot summer months. Whether you’d like a narrow one to complement the style of your home, or a wide one to wine and dine on, arranging to have a new veranda installed is one investment that will pay off for years to come.

Finding the right installers, however – a company who will respect your home and build something which raises your property value as well as improving your lifestyle – is paramount.

Who to Trust with Your Home?

In order to ensure you end up with a veranda that suits your house, is fully functional, and guaranteed to last, you need to find communicative builders with lots of experience. Some will advertise good prices, but use low quality materials, offer minimal customer input on design, and call it a day whether you’re happy with the final product or not.

For this reason it may seem like it’s necessary to sacrifice perfection for the sake of your budget. But with Zen Patios, this isn’t the case.

Zen Patios – Our Guarantee

From handling council regulations to collaborating with our clients on custom designs, Zen Patios will always ensure your satisfaction. Servicing all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, we design and construct patios, car ports, and verandas for fair and fixed prices. This means that our licensed professionals are 100% transparent and will talk you through every stage of the process, without any hidden costs involved.

With a 10 year warranty and the promise of never packing up until you’re 100% satisfied, Zen Patios are sure to provide you with the ideal veranda. Give us a call today on 07 3177 1068 to get started!